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Imperia - the MOD for
 “Cossacks  Back to war" -the special modification for English (non Russian) version of the game.



I  M P E R I A
 154 mb.

Animation of XIX Century

British Army
Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" Ш(American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
Russian Army
Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
French militia and
DIP mercenaries 
Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
Russian Militia
Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru

One of the
new diplomacy windows

Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru


Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru

Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
Russian infantryman

Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
Mounted tatar
Все моды для игры "Казаки" и "Завоевание Америки" (American Concuests) на internetwars.ru
Turkish drummer


The developers named the game “Imperia”, but some one else could have it mistaken for "Cossacks 3" or at least for 3rd add-on to Cossacks series.
It brings you the 19th century and new massively improved AI numerous new units etc.
As one of the developers of the “Imperia” AWAR said, “At the beginning we had simply improved the AI and slightly rubbed out “Cossacks”, and then we understood that we can do much more. To create a real add-on…
However we must add this – this would have never see the light of day, if not the GSC hadn’t given to our hands the necessary codes of the game, without which the Imperia would not look as it does.”
Imperia was developed by a group of Russian creators under AWARs leadership for all fans and not for profit. The website internetwars.ru took the mission to announce and spread the Mod among Cossacks and strategy game fans. Our site also is trying not only to Russian players to enjoy this great Mod, but also owners of English version of "Cossacks Back to war".
With joy I present you this work, rightfully deserving something greater then to be called just a simple MOD.

Все военные игры, стратегии для PС, военные шутеры и моды к ним на Internetwars.ru

FEATURES OF IMPERIA (Basic description):
Following classic scheme of Cossacks and its development, Imperia goes trough 3 centuries,  adding after 17th and 18th century the 19th, the epoch of Napoleonic wars with its uniforms and troops. When going trough centuries (from 17th to 18th and from 18th to 19th) outdated troops can not be built anymore and their place is taken by the troops of the proper epoch. So in the 17th century  you can build the armoured pikeman, while in the 18th century its place is taken by pikeman of the 18th century and it will start coming out queued instead of armoured pikeman, whilst in the 19th century the pikeman will be an outdated unit and will stop being created.
Psychology, strategy and tactics of the PC (AI) is fully processed and reworked to a whole new level.
Now there are 5 levels of AI opponent. The AI is now a merciless opponent, which ably attacks, pitilessly occupies your domains now, and then systematically destroys them. AI on imperial level (on PT 10-15 min or even without PT) can successfully resist veteran players which on the internet have a rank of a “count” or “marquis”. Thus Imperia allows with equal interest to fight not only on the internet with  a deserving opponent, but also against the computer, what was not possible in the original game, where the Ai was frankly weak. Functions of DIP (Diplomatic center) were extensively reworked.

The interface of "Imperia" fully corresponds the interface of original game, but
gives far bole wide spectrum of choice of the primordial tuning. The complete list
of the playing tuning is showed below. (See also screenshots.)




With an infantry
With a cavalry
With an infantry and cavalry
With in a number of peasants
With different nations
With towers
With cannons and towers
With cannons and howitzers
With a barrack or Imperial Center
Without a market
Without DIP
Without a market and
Expensive  DIP
Changing of unions
Unions without DIP
Unions without a market
Unions without a
market and DIP
Unions, expensive  DIP
Without PT
3 min.
5 min.
10 min.
15 min.
20 min.
30 min.
45 min.
1 hour
1, 5 hour





Without the capture of peasants
Except for centers and peasants
Capture only by an artillery
Capture without development
Buildings only of the same nation
Buildings of ally
Without cannons, towers and walls
Dear cannons
Without multi-cannons
Without an artillery
Without an artillery and fleet

Without a balloon
The map is opened
Moslems without a balloon
With a balloon

OPTIONS 18th century And "IMPERIA"


Without 18th century
Already in the 18th century
Already in "Imperia

Escape of wounded
Fortress and escape of wounded


Many of these options were created counting on multiplayer, but they are also
functional and in the mode, man - against PC (single player). I think You will easy adapt to them, but however will give some explaining. If, for example, You want to play in general without cannons, need choose an option "Without an artillery",  if you choose the line "Without cannons, towers and walls", AI, will make mortars. Small practice - and you will easily adapt yourself to the similar little things.

In the "Imperia" only 12 countries were proposed at first: Bavaria, Austria, England, Prussia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Saxony, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.  In the last version – another nation was added - Sweden, having valuable 19th century. In all 20 countries and 4 types of settlements are in the game already. However only 13 are accessible in the base game, others are in old missions for "Cossacks". "Settlements" are not valuable nation. Strong countries so remained strong, and the "weak" were pulled up on a level to strong, to make it interesting to play any of 13 nations.

From the Muslim states there is only Turkey, but it got weigh spectrum of units of the 19th century and new units of the  17th and 18th century (Tatars with a sabre and many others).
All powers in the game have their special units, including special units inherited from the original game. For example, Saxony still has the 18th century musketeer with a very strong shot power which were also made slowly, but now it can be built in a formation together with grenadiers. Thus they stand in the last line, protected by the bayonets of grenadiers, and they can fire easily. For Ukraine were left the weigh complete set of its incomparable equestrian and foot troops, but added yet a new unit - foot cossack with a sabre. Russia has all those shooters and cossacks, and it can build everything in the 17th century, but in 19th, Imperia, they can make only weak militia.
In "Imperia" participate the classic units from "Cossacks" and 30 additional units from Baddog MOD, for 17th and 18th century, for the first and and second official add-on to "Cossacks" (called MOD-1).
These 30 units can found here.
For the 19th century, the "imperial" period of the game, 50 new units were created,  the author of which is BOGDAN©.  A standard-bearer was added pedestrian structures, equestrian - officers and trumpeters.
For the 17th century created only one, general for all  European countries and a European archer, replacing the Persian archer in the DIP.

Swedish infantry of the 19th century (Imperial period)

The "imperial" period to a certain extent evens weak countries with strong ones, allowing to make foot guards (jaegers, grenadiers, etc.). At England, in particular, it is the highlander trooper,  but having unlike the predecessor from the 18th century, have a bayonet.
To France and Prussia added militia troops.  In addition, in "Imperia" it is possible to make the field engineers, capable with lightness to destroy hostile buildings. 
Majority of units in fromations has received stronger shot power: 36-45, instead of 12-14, as it was in "Back to the war". But the factor of the incorrect firing was here increased, and ranks, standing against each other, conducting a gun fire, do not fall as sheaves, but can pretty long suffer the gun.


The biggest attractiveness in "Imperia" is concluded in fully processed AI, taking into account the specific of every nation and, that is especially important is experience of internet-wars. Now AI uses those receptions and tactic, what experimental players, battling in on-line. Ukraine attacks large with masses  of the cossacks and thick lines of famous serduks. Turkey attacks with the thick lines of equestrian archers and crowds of the numerous infantry. And other specific tactic for each nation. In 18th and 19th century  AI uses different sizes of  formations with an officer: 36 grenadiers formation, 72 musketeers formation, 120 fusilier formation and guardsmen.
At "imperial" level all battle identically firmly. Especially successfully, to our mind, AI uses the cavalry.
From internet-wars the AI also adopted the skilful use of market. The Ai no longer upgrades the mine first, as in the original, that enriched, and above all things develops the option of trading in a stone and the massively sells it,  as well as surpluses of corn and wood, if the Ai has it.
So do  not get surprised when, upgrade for stone, you start the to get a huge amount of  stone but when you look at the market, you will suddenly see, that prices for stone largely fell down. It means that the Ai just pushed the stone into the market before you and dropped the price. Due to these transactions of the AI, it quickly collects the necessary capital for passing to the next epoch and upgrade of the units.

 игры, стратегии для PС, военные шутеры и моды к ним на Internetwars.ru

Important note:
"Imperial" AI is very good on a game with  DIP (or DIP + cannons + towers). Optimum PT for AI:
5, 10, 15 minutes or without PT.
Ai is ineffective without DIP and market - so these options are counted in the game for multiplayer (thus its not good to place no DIP and market in the singleplayer options).
Best of all is to place a few vying groups  on a map, then you will feel in full,
as sly and strong your PC opponent became.


What is MOD, without original ideas? It is just a drawing again and alteration of the prototype. "IMPERIA" in this plan advantageously distinguishes the row of original innovations. And the most important, I would select a "game with changing unions". It is in principle a new option which was not in "Back to war".
How this option works?. If you place on the map the amount of players at your discretion in the option "each nation for itself" or in unions (teams) of 2?2 + You or 3?3 + You. After expiration of PT (if you placed PT, which is not necessary) and as every war goes someone will begin to win, and someone - to stand a defeat. For example, Prussia broke up Poland, destroying greater part  of its peasants, some amount of structures and basic forces of its army. Being defeated Poland becomes a satellite of Prussia, entering with her  into a union, about what you get a proper notification on the screen.
After this Poland begins to attack the enemies of Prussia. But if in the same turn Prussia sustained  defeat of France, it becomes its ally. Thus, placing of forces on the map can once or twice cardinally change the situation, bringing in the element of complete suddenness.  You can count yourself already to be a winner, subordinating one or two nations, and carrying with an attack on the third, but will not notice, as they changed sides over to the enemy, and suddenly for you in a hostile alliance the former allies will come at your back. That something like that does not happen, it will be necessary to disperse troops, hold garrisons in towns of allies, until those collect their own force (which they lost by your beatings and devastation).
Plus for a game with changing unions also, that you do not need to destroy an enemy to the last structure or last "peasant", it is enough to subordinate all participants, creating a single union. If you in the same turn get one on one with the super-union  of other nations, you can reckon to be defeated, such duel will not survive even the "king" of internet-wars.
In the latest version of Empire new diplomatic options were added. If You capture enemy city You have a choice: to let him be free but take a big tribute: 5000 gold. To enslave the country and make it a satellite , or to get 300 soldiers, or totally destroy and whip the conquered  city from the map. You can also to by ally for money for a short time: 3 or 5 minutes or little more.
Игра "Казаки", вся серия  и моды к ним на Internetwars.ru
Players  in the game with unions it must be no less than 4 nations
At the less number of players of AI  the option of Unions is ignored.  The initial choice of relations between nations is free. At play next rules operate in Unions. If at play one of players lost the half of peasants or have them less than 20, a computer is estimated by the degree of threat,  the army of the opponent is calculated near-by the city, compared to the army  of defenders and, if forwards are more, nation is considered losing and enters into an union to the opponent.
Thus, if a few players attacked, the player which have more powerful attacking force, will get a crashed country as a satellite. Loser loses DIP and possibility to restore it.  A winner except for an ally gets a small reward,  is in a position  to multiply the population due to a conquered opponent.  His dwellings places are folded with the dwellings places  of city-winner.

Nation, guided by a man (you), can not enter in an union to the winner in the case of defeat.  It can only enslave and win over an enemy.

The "Imperia" includes quite a bit other innovations also

In the process of acquaintance with the interface you will have questions,
on some of which I by authors will endeavor to answer beforehand.
Important keys. This is very important to know. In "Imperia", to put the production of units on "endlessness",  it is not necessary to press Control + click on an icon. It is enough to call on the icon of unit (without  Control), that he was made always.
It is impossible to put the production of officers on "endlessness", but it is possible to order them for 5, by combination of Shift+ of click. Or at once 40 - by combination  of Alt + click.

Another change.
To compel all barracks or stables to make one type of units, it is necessary in general a way to select all barracks or stables and call on the icon of units, so much one time, how many barracks you have. If, for example, you have four barracks, and you clicked two times on the icon of  musketeer, he will be made only in two barracks. Click  on icon of unit, so much times, how many
barracks you have.

The cavalry is parted on three types: light (rapid), middle and heavy (slow).
Ulan and mounted  jaegers move quickly, cuirassiers and dragoons move slower than classic hussars. Mounted officers in formations are tuned under speed of units.

Some units of the identical setting of different ages can be built in one structure. For example, if you have dragoons of 17th century, but you already passed to the new epoch and began to build dragoons of  18th century, can unite them in one formation,  for example 30 dragoons of 17th century + 10 dragoons of 18th century will give a classic formation of 40 dragoon.

The formations in Imperia
The formations of infantry are given by more advantages, than in the original game.
In formations bonus (force and experience) of attack of plain weapon grows depending on the amount  of killed units opponent. Quicker than all troops, guard troops collect bonus, mercenaries have the least coefficient.
Formations influence and speed of moving. Biggest speed is in a column (three lines formation), higher, than at single units. At a line speed is below single units, and at a square is the lowest speed, but  large bonus of defense.
Construction of infantry in three lines (imperial period) - similar on parameters to the column. Such 3-lines column can not shot, only move. In order to make a volley you need  to unroll your squad into the line.
Both these formations are intended for an attack and rapid moving a bayonet, but not for a fire fight. 

New buttons for the management of the fight. 
Possibility appeared, as in "American Conquest" to give units order to attack only in hand-to-hand and shoot in crowd, where the friendly troops are. 
At a cannon the button appeared is the "forced attack only by a canister-shot", second button -  the "type of shot from distance" enables an instrument to choose, beat a canister-shot or kernel.
New button - to fill up formation, sustaining losses.
Other button - to fill up formation ( losing a standard-bearer, drummer or officer) units of commands.
Succession of upgrade of units. Some units can inherit upgrade of the predecessors of past century (“military traditions”).  For example, if you had time to upgrade a Saxon cavalryman to 4 levels, passing to "Imperia", can make horse guards which appears already having a 4th level of upgrade. Such heredity is possessed, in particularly of musketeer of  18th century, passing the experience (level) to fusilier of imperial army, and dragoon  18th century - to the dragoons of "Imperial". Grenadier of 18th century inherits all upgrades of its the predecessor of - 17th, including "upgrade of splinter grenade".

The number of cottages is limited.
You will not have to occupy the whole map to make the city.  To take more place for battles and manoeuvre the number of cottages is set to 10 per one Town centre.
However  Town centre got possibility of upgrade which is pretty cheap. After upgrade  to the 2-th  level his "capaciousness" is multiplied on 150 persons.
I.e. if for you  have 4 Town centres, after upgrade all added 600 dwellings places.

How do settlements operate?
"Settlements" are shallow nations to make a game more interesting. They are not intended to rule by human player. They do not attack and control the territory, hampering access to the mines. It is possible for a game interest, for example, three valuable nations and four settlements.

Spies are another innovation about which it should be said.
There are icons in the window of DIP: "Peasant-spy", "Officer-spy", "Cavalryman-spy". These units is needed, when you play without a balloon. On a dark map.  Pressing, for example, an icon " Peasant - spy", and paying the proper sum,  you will be able to recruit a hostile peasant (random selection of computer) and part of map round him shined.
The same - an officer-spy and cavalryman is a spy, but more costly and with largeer possibilities.  Spies can be: officer, pikeman of 17th century, landwehr 18th century.
Spy-cavalryman: cuirassier, heavy cavalryman, Reiter, cuirassiers of 18th-19th century.

Fortresses, blockhouses and escape of wounded, is another new possibility.
Choosing this option,  you can build powerful defensive building - fortress. In it will be rally for your wounded  units,  where they are quickly restored and can be again used. As units go for treatment in the "critical phase" of wound, the saved in a fortress,  no muss escape is not present much. If a fortress is blasted, wounded soldiers go away to the Town  centre which can be garrisoned.

In "Imperia" besides a fortress two types of defensive buildings: towers and blockhouses.
Towers operate as in classic "Cossacks" - shoot kernels. A small garrison takes place in blockhouses - 10 units, pricking or shooting - does not matter, a blockhouse will conduct a gun fire however.
It is possible to take and occupy empty enemy blockhouses with the soldiers.

Guided balloon.
If you play on a dark map but with a balloon (another new option), now can move him with a mouse, that flew in to direction, what it is needed in.

Why are "burros" needed?
There is possibility to fix the economy by caravans in a game. Caravans (burros) are made in ware-house buildings (calling on storage, it is possible to see the special icon).  They serve for trade between allies. A complete cycle, a circle is done by a caravan, gives an increase of 500 gold.

Some other important notes which You need to know…

When is it possible to begin to build an imperial barrack?

An imperial barrack is accessible if You reached the Imperial level,  and have  built already  the barrack of 18th century.
When is it possible to make a mounted officer and mounted standard-bearer?
Upgrades Horseshoe and Sabre plus Academy settle is a condition for
building of officers - they allow to make upgrade.
In a 17th -18th  century: Officer and Standard-bearer of 18th century
In a 19th century: Officer, Standard-bearer and Bugler of 19 century

Special upgrades for cavalry
In 19th century are also possible upgrades:  Sabre or Kirasa and Horseshoe.
They have individual effect for  different nations:

To France, Austria  for "Cuirassier"  - a Cuirass defense +10
To Bavaria,  England,  "Heavy Dragoon" -  a sabre  attack +5
To Prussia, Spain  for "Cuirassier" -  a sabre  attack +7
Italy, Sweden for "Mounted jaeger" -  a sabre +5
Poland  for "Krakuz" - a sabre +5
Russia for  "Dragoon of 19th century and Cuirassier"  - a sabre +5
Saxony  for "Cuirassier and Cavalry Guardsman " a sabre +5
Turkey  for  "Mounted Jaeger'”  - a sabre +5

A horseshoe multiplies speed of imperial cavalry on 30% for Europe,
For Turkey speed of the Balkan cavalrymen is on 30%

MPERIA requires the original licensed English version of “Cossacks Back To War” (v1.35) game installed on your PC. Be sure to have the right version of the game installed since this is the second add-on to the Cossacks1 series.

The English version of IMPERIA includes:
-MOD1 (Baddog)
-Patches which allow you to launch the game on the English version of "Back to War".
The patches are:

If you want to still play the original "Cossacks – Back to war", please make a backup of it before installing the mod, since the installing process can not be reversed.

Order of installation:

1. Download IMPERIA mod pack.
2. Unrar MOD.rar folder and put all it’s containment into the root game Directory (do not copy the whole folder, but first open it and then copy all of the parts placed in it).
Answer “yes” every time you get asked “do You want to replace already existed file”;
This step will implant the MOD –1 (Baddog) into Your game. Do not try to launch this old MOD but be sure that its already in the system;

3. Take a file from the pack mods.gs2 and place it into the root game directory;

4. Launch the IMPERIA self installer – the file pimp0510f.exe
Be sure that installation is going directly into the root directory of BTW.
By default the self-installer creates a new folder called “Back To War” and sends the MOD into it.
And so check the path before installation and avoid the typical mistake:
Back To War/IMPERIA is a right path;
Back To War/ Back To War/ IMPERIA is a wrong path;

4.Take next files from the pack: dmcr.exe and mods03.gs1 and put them into the root game directory (Cossacks - Back To War)
Answer “yes” every time you get asked “do You want to replace already existed file”;

Now You can Play the IMPERIA.
Start like in the original game – by clicking dmcr.exe
In order to be able to see the intro clip install XviD  viewer  : XviD-1.1.0-30122005.exe
Note: You can play Imperia via Internet with only two players (now). LAN - as many as possible.
Full-scale patch for multi-play in Internet (Gamespy etc.) will come some later. 

©Page and Content Alexander Morozov (King Augustus)
©"Cossacks – Back to war" - copyright GSC Game World, all rights reserved.
© Copyright of "Imperia":
AWAR, BOGDAN. Free for fun.
Any commercial distribution prohibite

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