Cossacks Mod ReadMe

The Cossacks Mod introduces many new and unique units to Cossacks - Back to War, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the english pikeman is cheap and fast to build but has no armour, whereas his swedish counterpart is heavily armoured but slower and more expensive to build. There are also a number of gameplay changes, and some new features such as new larger formation sizes, to give the player even more tactical options. Artillery receives special attention, with 3 all new cannons opening up whole new strategic possibilities to the player.

new units:

Austrian 18c musketeer

English 17c pikeman

English 17c dragoon

French 17c pikeman

Polish 17c dragoon

Piedmont 18c musketeer

mercenary - Scottish swordsman

Ottoman infantryman (Turkey)

Russian 18c musketeer

Swedish 17c pikeman

Swedish grenadier

European 17c cannon

Austrian grenadier

English 17c musketeer

English 18c musketeer

French 17c musketeer

Polish grenadier

Piedmont 18c dragoon

Spanish 18c dragoon

Balkan light rider (Turkey)

Russian grenadier

Swedish 17c musketeer

Swedish 18c dragoon

Ottoman cannon

Algerian bashi-bozouk

English rider

English grenadier

French 18c musketeer

Dutch 18c musketeer

Portuguese 18c musketeer

Venecian 17c musketeer

Prussian grenadier

Russian hussar

Swedish 18c musketeer

Swedish hussar

coastal defence cannon

Gameplay changes in the Cossacks mod:

- new infantry formation size: 324 units

- mercenary dragoon: 80 building time instead of 50, more upkeep costs

- palisades: 1.500 lifepoints instead of 500

- 17c musketeers: lower building time

- 17c dragoons: lower building time, +2 attack

- 18c dragoons: lower building time

- royal musketeer and all unique 18c musketeers without bayonet: lower building time

- winged hussar: more lifepoints but higher building time

- janissary: more shotpower

- better but more expensive VII attack and defence upgrades for mamaluke and spakh

- grenadiers: higher building time

- 10 mortars per artillery depot instead of 30

- higher costs for cannon artillery upgrades:
  cannon cost upgrades two times more expensive
  cannon building time upgrades four times more expensive

- Algerian towncenter 75 population limit instead of 50

- Algerian and Turkish stable cheaper

- Algerian/Turkish barracks 75 population limit instead of 50, but more expensive

- Bavarian 18c barracks cheaper

Changes to artillery

Cannon upgrades at the artillery depot are now more expensive, making the standard Cossacks cannon less accessible early in the game, but with the mod you get two new cannons, The European 17c cannon (all european nations) or the Ottoman cannon (Algeria, Turkey). These can be built quickly and cheaply without having made any artillery depot upgrades. Their disadvantages are that they are weaker and they don´t benefit from academy upgrades. Early in the game or in a 17th century only game these cannons are a sensible choice for the player.

The limited cannon capacity of each artillery depot also limits the number of the new cannons.

Additionally, you are now able to build the coastal defence cannon, a powerful cannon that has a very long range and is able to hold its own against the powerful Cossacks naval units. This cannon moves very slowly, doesn´t use grapeshot or “attack ground”, and doesn´t benefit from the academy upgrades.

The limited howitzer capacity of the artillery depot also limits the coastal defence cannon.


Once the Mod is installed, the player can start the game either with the mod or as a normal Cossacks - Back to War game using the appropriately named icons in the start menu.
The Mod can be used for both single player and multiplayer games. In multiplayer, the mod will appear in the lobby under the special version number M135. Players using the mod will only be able to play against other players displaying this version.
There is a possibility of some loss of performance in the game when using the mod, especially on lower specification machines, as it contains a significant amount of new graphics.

We hope you enjoy the Cossacks Mod!